Men’s Wear Inspired

March 6, 2017

I love wearing men’s wear inspired clothing. Something is great about wearing gender neutral clothing or pieces that are considered more masculine but in a feminine cut. Today I wore a plain white button up shirt which can be considered manly but the slim fit of it makes it work. I paired it together with my tuxedo skinny pants which are also ankle length and slim fit so it is not overwhelming. I threw over a double breasted vest, it is loose but the low armholes makes it girly. I enjoy wearing men’s wear inspired pieces that have a more “girly” fit or features so it doesn’t become too masculine. If I wanted to be a little more girly I would put on a pair of heels instead of ballet flats or if I wanted to go with the masculine look I would wear loafers.

Shirt: white button up (Slim fit, non-iron) – Banana Republic Factory (Size 0P, $75 CAD, got it on sale for $35 CAD)

Vest: black double breasted open vest – Zara (Size small, $50 CAD)

Pants: slim fit tuxedo pants – Banana Republic (Size 00P, $125 CAD, got it on sale for $60 CAD)

Shoes: black ballet flats – Same Edelman (Size 5, $145 CAD)


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