Sloan Fit Pants Review – Banana Republic 


As someone who is petite, finding the right pair of pants is a difficult task. I have to worry about the length of the pants, the pant opening, waist and slimness through the thighs and calfs. Proportions are extremely important. I am always on the hunt for petite friendly pants that are low maintenance (don’t need to get them dry cleaned). If anyone has any suggestions please tell me!

The Sloan fit pant from Banana republic has been my favourite and go to pants. However they have changed the fit over the years and the newer fit is slightly bigger and less skinny which is disappointing as it does not fit me as well and not as flattering. But something to note is that I like my pants super tight! So my girls who like a slightly looser and relaxed fit would maybe like the new Sloan better.

Over the years I have collected an impressive amount of Sloan pants, my collection is pushing 20 pairs these days but these are the only dress pants I own.  However, I only wear about 10 of them on a regular basis due to half my collection is the old sloan fit and half is the new sloan fit. They average around $110-$130 CAD however Banana Republic always has sales so never pay full price! They always have anywhere from 30-50% off regular price items as well as 40-60% off clearance items. So just look out for those sales to get the pants at a good price!

On the labels of the Sloan pants it says dry clean. Personally I have never dry cleaned them. I wash them in cold water and then dry on medium to high. When I first buy the Sloan pants I generally put them on high in the dryer to shrink them to get the fit I want. They shrink a decent amount. The fabric of them are extremely comfortable they have a good amount of stretch and are thick enough to still have some shape.


2 thoughts on “Sloan Fit Pants Review – Banana Republic 

  1. When you wash them, does the waist shrink too? I bought a pair where the waist fits but the thigh area is a bit big. I’m trying to see if I should return them or not!


    1. Hi Elaine! I do find that the waist does shrink a little. Overall it does shrink in the waist, legs and length wise. Maybe try just wetting the leg portion and throwing them in the dryer? The problem with the Sloan pant is that the sizing is really inconsistent depending on the fabric and when you bought them. The fabric will affect the shrinking but also another consideration is the sloan has a decent amount of stretch in it. I think it is your call!


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