Top 5 Places to Shop for Petites

Here are some of my favourite places to shop for petite friendly clothes!

Banana Republic

Price Range: $$$  – definitely higher price range but you get what you pay for? Banana Republic always has sales going on, so I never buy anything full price!

Fit:  The fit for Banana Republic items are always a hit or miss for me. Its either the most perfect item ever or just not working at all. Their dresses tend to fit really slim in the waist and chest but flare out in the hips way more than needed for me. I am more of a straight up and down kinda gal. There old sloan pants are 10/10, the new sloan pants are a 6.5/10. Not many places sell 00P or XXS so I always come back!

Style: They have trendy pieces and basics. Marissa Webb use to be the Creative Director for Banana Republic and I absolutely love her work. Occasionally I do find pieces I really like. These days I find Banana does a lot of bold patterns and ruffles. So a lot feminine pieces.


Price Range: $$$ Aritiza is for sure a pricy brand but I think a lot of their pieces are high quality and I always get good wear out of them. They have end of season sales so I usually stock up then.

Fit: Aritzia does not have a petite line however they sell smaller sizes that I am able to make it work. They sell sizes as small as XXXS. I love their cami’s as they are great under a blazer. I have a lot of their T shirts too as they have the best cuts. All my coats and jackets are also from Aritzia!

Style: The style is very much minimalistic. They sell a lot of basics and pieces that are simple. The “Aritzia girl” is very much a cool and chic girl.


Price Range: $ to $$ –  H&M has super affordable pieces as well as pieces that are more expensive.

Fit: The fit at H&M is generally slimmer and smaller. I think it is due to the target demographic. More younger people shop here. Their size 2 fits me and I usually wear a size 00-0 at other places. Sometimes the 2 is even too small for me!

Style: More trendy clothes and graphics here but they do have a business professional section. I wouldn’t say the quality is completely there as H&M is considered more of a fast fashion brand but I do find cute things here. Their dresses and skirts fit me nicely. Nipped in the waist and slim through the hips.

Top Shop (Bay)

Price Range: $$ to $$$ – Their pieces are pretty pricy for what it is. However they do sell petite clothing which I will spend more for any day!

Fit: I always buy jeans from Top Shop, they understand that in a pair of jeans, that its not just about the length of pants it is about the overall fit. They nip in the ankles creating a real skinny jean unlike other brands where their “crop fit”, “ankle fit” or “petite friendly” jeans are more straight leg than skinny.

Style: They have unique pieces that are trendy as well as elevated basics.

Sole Society 

Price Range: $$ – They sell heels that are both comfortable and cute for a reasonable price! My personal favourite the “Tamara” is $70 USD. They also have sales where you can get some of their heels for around $40-50 USD

Fit: I have small feet and not a lot of stores carry a 5! Certain styles are even carried in a  4 or 4.5!

Style: They have trendy shoes and heels that are 2.5 inches! I personally cannot do heels that are any taller as they aren’t comfortable for me. Finding cute heels at 2.5 inches is hard but Sole Society always has them!



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