Dreaming of Cacti? New Sheet Sets 

I could not resist these when I saw them. I love quirky printed things and these cacti and succulent printed ones are adorable. I thought they would be perfect for the summer.  I ordered them online and didn’t get to feel the fabric. They are quite rough, I washed them and used some fabric conditioner but it didn’t help much. I am hoping that they will soften up with wear! The thread count is 200, which is lower than i usually buy. No cute printed sheets ever come in a high thread count! I got them from Simons, they sell each piece separately which I can appreciate. Sometimes you need more pillow cases or you don’t want to buy the flat sheet.

Simons has a section on their website called “Crazy for Cacti” which features all there cacti products (links below). I was tempted to buy more but decided to try the set sheet first. There products are all reasonably priced and Simons is a Canadian brand!

Crazy for Cacti: https://www.simons.ca/simons/category/c4482/Crazy+for+Cacti+?/en/


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