Blue Bell Sleeves

April 13, 2017

These days I have been into dramatic sleeves and have been seeing them everywhere. This one is in a classic blue colour with a darker navy scalloped trim. This was $40 CAD but the quality was not there. There were tons of loose threads around the sleeves. Also there is a button closure on the back and it fell off! I now need to find a replacement button for it. Ideally a button that pops out a bit to make closing the shirt easier. I don’t recommend this top as the price and quality don’t match. I should have returned it when I saw the loose threads but I haven’t seen a shirt with the combination of bell sleeves and scallop and was hoping for the best. Zara has cute pieces but the quality is often questionable and prices are not that affordable for a fast fashion brand.

Top: blue bell sleeved top – Zara (Size XS, $39.99 CAD)

Pants: Dark wash jeans – Hollister (Size 0P, $20 CAD)


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