One Chair – 3 Different Ways 

My room theme has changed multiple times throughout the visits to my Arizona home. I just can’t seem to commit to a theme. Like my room back home, some how it has turned into 10 different themes within one room. First I wanted a completely white, grey and seaform colour scheme, then it turned into a fruit theme and then into a palm/ tropical vibe. Who knows what will be next? Here are some ways I have styled my reading corner.

  1. Minimalistic – here the look is completely bare, just the chair and marble table. No extra pillows or decor and I actually quite like it.

2. Quirky Cute – for this look I had more cutsey and quirky elements. I have my favourite pillow “Eat Kale”. I thought this was a hilarious pillow as I am known to not like my vegetables. I also have my white whale piece. I am a huge fan of whales and this one is perfect.

3. This final look plays into my love for fruit. I love everything fruit printed. I got this cute watermelon stool that I use as a fruit rest as well as table.

Which one do you guys like best?


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