Athletic Wear

May 19, 2017

A different kind of OOTD! I will be real honest, I don’t work out very often! So this is the rare photo of me wearing work out clothes. I went to go play badminton and squash on this day. My wardrobe lacks in athletic wear so generally this is my go to outfit if it isn’t too hot or cold. I was hesitant on the pattern of these leggings when I bought them but I actually love them! They also have large pockets on both legs which I can put my phone and cards in. My shirt has the sports bra attached and it open back with the sports bra peaking out.

Shirt: Open back shirt with bra attached – Lululemon (Size 2, $65 CAD)

Jacket: black jacket with hood – Lululemon (Size 2, $99 CAD)

Leggings: water colour patterned leggings – Lululemon (Size 2, $110 CAD)

Shoes: Periwinkle runners – Nike (Size 5, $95 CAD)


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