4th Spot – Chicken & Waffles Poutine

I tied 4th Spot for the first time, it is a favourite among people who live in the North. I always pass it on my commute to work as well. I saw the Chicken and waffles poutine on the menu and had to try it. I also ordered a pizza to go. I expected more for the food, it was not considered cheap either. The waffles were very dense and just gross. The chicken was okay but lacked seasoning. They did not position the fries in a good place either so it got very soggy fast. For anyone who has eaten New York Fries you know that they make a wall of fries around the container so your fries don’t get completely soggy by the gravy. Also the gravy used for this poutine was lighter than i would have wanted. Its not a rich dark gravy or even gravy that is like KFC. Finally I ate the pizza that night and i was not crazy about it either. I got a Hawaiian and the meat aspect just tasted slightly off to me.

Food: 1.5/5

Price 2.5/5

Atmosphere: 4/5

Overall: 8/15


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