Top Knot Double Shot

July 18, 2017

A little different than my normal OOTD photos. I wanted to show case an accessory! This is a triangle pin that you an use to pull back your hair or just add under a bun for something extra. I got mine from a local boutique but I have seen these online before. If you are using it to pull back your hair in a half up do, you will have to use bobby pins or a tie before hand as it is not like a lobster claw. Also my shirt is from Banana Republic like usual!


Sunset Colours 

July 17, 2017

Generally I am someone who only wears dresses that are a couple of inches above my knee. As someone who is petite, I am always worried about looking short and making my legs look short. This dress hits me at my knees, which is considered longer than usual for me. I made sure to wear heels to elongate the legs as much as possible. This dress is a bright orange red colour and is perfect for the summer. The fabric is structured but has some stretch and it does wrinkle a little bit. A simple dress for those summer days at the office.

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Teatro is known to be a upscale place. I decided to try it out for myself and treat myself and a friend to something nice. It is located in a historial building has a charm to it. I did visit the bathroom and did notice that is was not renovated to the standard I would expect for a high end place. We mostly ordered the pasta’s and also had calamari as a starter. Service was good, but nothing too special. I noticed some girls got stools for their purses (so your purse does not touch the floor and get dirty) and I did not get one. Food was overall good, Despite getting the half sizes for all the pasta’s there was enough for us to be full. One of my favorites is the lobster lasagna however like expected there was hardly anything in that little pan. I enjoyed the food but for the price I would probably chose to go somewhere else. This is more of a special occasion place. Click below for more pictures!

Food: 4/5

Atmosphere: 3/5

Cost: 2/5

Overall: 9/15

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Halter Neck and Accordian Folds

July 6, 2017

This day’s outfit was a navy drop waist dress. It had accordion folds and a halter like neckline. If your office is a bit more conservative or it is a bit chilly, I suggest wearing a navy cardigan over this. It is made of a light chiffon and is super comfortable. I like the 2-toned blues on this dress as it gives it some dimension.

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Basic but Edgy

July 4, 2017

This skirt is a recent addition to my closet. Usually I stay away from longer skirts as they can be overwhelming to my short stature. However with the leg slit, it doesn’t completely feel too long. The slit does go quite high, so if you are in a conservative office this might not work for you. I do like that the back of the skirt is long so you don’t have to worry about that showing too much. The skirt is made out of a thicker material but is not too stretchy. Since the skirt was the star of the outfit, I wore a simple top and shoes.

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