Bedside Table Trinkets 

When I first started decorating my room, I wanted to go with a white and grey colour scheme as my base and have an accent colour of sea foam. However it has changed to a more tropical theme but I kept the decor pieces I had originally. I have an obsession with whales and when I saw this ceramic whale I needed it!. I choose the chrome star as I love space and anything related to it. I choose decor pieces that reflected my interests but kept with the colour scheme I wanted.

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Palm Printed Linens

I have an obsession with palm printed everything and this blanket set was a must for me! The fabric is a quilted like texture and has pink trim. It is not a blanket that I would use to get cozy on the couch with but it is still soft and looks beautiful draped on the bed. It is like I am sleeping on some island getaway. I got this set from Target and it was around $65 USD. Which isn’t too bad. It came in different sizes such as Twin, Double/Queen and King.


One Chair – 3 Different Ways 

My room theme has changed multiple times throughout the visits to my Arizona home. I just can’t seem to commit to a theme. Like my room back home, some how it has turned into 10 different themes within one room. First I wanted a completely white, grey and seaform colour scheme, then it turned into a fruit theme and then into a palm/ tropical vibe. Who knows what will be next? Here are some ways I have styled my reading corner.

  1. Minimalistic – here the look is completely bare, just the chair and marble table. No extra pillows or decor and I actually quite like it.

2. Quirky Cute – for this look I had more cutsey and quirky elements. I have my favourite pillow “Eat Kale”. I thought this was a hilarious pillow as I am known to not like my vegetables. I also have my white whale piece. I am a huge fan of whales and this one is perfect.

3. This final look plays into my love for fruit. I love everything fruit printed. I got this cute watermelon stool that I use as a fruit rest as well as table.

Which one do you guys like best?

Dreaming of Cacti? New Sheet Sets 

I could not resist these when I saw them. I love quirky printed things and these cacti and succulent printed ones are adorable. I thought they would be perfect for the summer.  I ordered them online and didn’t get to feel the fabric. They are quite rough, I washed them and used some fabric conditioner but it didn’t help much. I am hoping that they will soften up with wear! The thread count is 200, which is lower than i usually buy. No cute printed sheets ever come in a high thread count! I got them from Simons, they sell each piece separately which I can appreciate. Sometimes you need more pillow cases or you don’t want to buy the flat sheet.

Simons has a section on their website called “Crazy for Cacti” which features all there cacti products (links below). I was tempted to buy more but decided to try the set sheet first. There products are all reasonably priced and Simons is a Canadian brand!

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Project 1 – My Desk


I will admit that I am a hoarder. I have hoarded a bunch of school stuff, stationary and random junk. One of my goals for this year is to try and declutter my room as well as refresh it. First step was cleaning up my desk. I got rid of my old desk and bought this more minimalistic desk and installed the shelves above as I lost a lot of storage space with my new desk. I actually got rid of 3 garage bags worth of stuff when i switched to this desk. Still a work in process as I am working on organizing further. That gap on the left is where i store all my textbooks LOL it is ugly but it will do for now.